Decorate Trees For Enhanced Landscape Design

Cuttings from echeveria and Senecio radicans deck a Fan Palm’s trunk.
The valley-metro area of Phoenix Arizona has a lot of different species of Palms which can make it a challenge for some home or business owners to know the best ways to care for their palms. Some Palm Trees, like the one pictured above, need to have more of their trunk covered in 'boots' where other Palm Trees need them trimmed a bit closer to the top.

We found this image on Sunset magazine's website and thought it would be helpful to those of you who want to find new and interesting ways to add more green to your landscape on a budget. Using succulents to decorate the boots of trees like this Fan Palm can add a touch of character to a Palm with so many boots.

Have you come up with other creative ways to accent trees in your landscape or use their trimmings for creative projects? We would love to hear about them! Please comment here or email us your story with pictures at,!

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