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Responsibility for Trimming 20,000 Palm Trees Gets Turned Back to the Homeowner

The city of Phoenix prides itself on keeping Arizona beautiful. During the years when this city was booming and there was a surplus of funds, the Special Operations Forestry section of the Parks and Recreation Division was providing a courtesy service of trimming palm trees planted on the easement of many city streets in the historic districts. Since the budget cuts back in 2008, the city of Phoenix has been forced to stop this complimentary service. The homeowners, that have palm trees that were initially planted and cared for by the city, have had to do their best to cope with these new changes and are looking for ways to adapt their household budget to include the costs to have their palm trees trimmed on their own accord.

Unfortunately, palm tree trimming has many occupational hazards including the risk of falling, suffering of gouging wounds from sharp tools, suffocation, electrocution, attacks from pests such as bark scorpions or hornets and transmitting airborne diseases such as Cryptococcosis from pigeon droppings which is potentially deadly. In fact, tree related workers are at a 3-4 times higher risk of death than that of a police officer or a fire fighter. Watch this quick video of Andrew Pisher trimming a tree to see why:

As with all hazardous jobs, palm tree pruning can cost a pretty penny. The catch is that you must get your trees trimmed sooner than later, for every year that goes by the more hazardous and deadly a palm tree can be for a tree trimming crew and the community.

One big challenge in the historic district is that most of the homeowners and residents in the area have not been notified that the responsibility to trim the palms has been turned back to them. So they are waiting for the city to come by and trim these trees while they become more and more dangerous and at the same time collect more and more insects, spiders, scorpions, cockroaches, pigeons, mice, and rats.

The best thing to do is to look into getting your tree trimmed as soon as possible by a licensed and insured tree trimming company.

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